School Project


Our Mission

Aidin: The AI-powered Creative Platform transforming words into compelling visuals. This platform provides a dynamic space to bring artistic visions to life, exploring diverse styles and streamlining the creative process.

With its intuitive interface and AI-driven features, Aidin stands as a valuable ally to enhance the creative process in the field of digital design.

Artistic Symbol

The Aidin logo is an abstract artistic composition, depicting delicately applied paint. Droplet shapes harmoniously come together to form the distinctive letter «a» Placed within a square, the logo is framed, emphasizing its unique aesthetic.

Accompanied by the name «Aidin» and the impactful slogan «Infinite Inspiration» it embodies the creative essence of the brand. Its visually captivating design attracts the attention of creative and design professionals, making it easily recognizable and memorable


The Aidin logo embodies its versatility and ability to generate various styles of images. It symbolizes Aidin’s capacity to create abstract paintings, 3D renders, illustrations, patterns, and even realistic images. 

To illustrate this creative diversity, the logo is presented in various symbols, each representing a specific artistic style or form. This visual representation underscores Aidin’s ability to cater to a wide range of artistic needs and provide a limitless creative experience.

Art in Icons

Each Aidin icon represents a work of art, a unique style, or a form of artistic expression. They are designed to evoke inspiration and encourage interpretation.

However, it is crucial to adhere to certain rules when using them. In order to preserve their meaning and coherence, ensure not to associate them with inappropriate images that could compromise their artistic message.

These guidelines ensure a consistent and respectful use of Aidin icons, thereby preserving their artistic character and ability to inspire

Colors in Pictures

The deliberate choice of a limited palette of two colors, black and white, in this design aims to highlight the images by Aidin and let their color palette define the visual atmosphere. This minimalist approach emphasizes the details and nuances of the images, creating a captivating and immersive visual experience. This visual simplicity improves readability and understanding of the content while enhancing the sleek and modern aesthetic. Overall, this design approach aims to create a strong visual impact and provide users with a memorable aesthetic experience. All of these images were generated by AI.

2024 – Mehmed Gerovic